For the Love of Layering

Winter is the season of family, love, and layering. With the weather being a little ADD this week we decided to bring out some helpful tips for making an outfit a little more interesting, while still keeping you warm (when needed). 

Tip #1. When wearing layers, incorporate a variety of patterns and prints. This will give your outfit more dimension but also make it more fun to look at. Here we paired this leopard print sweater from Gap with a classic American Appeal polo. 

Winter Outfit

Tip #2. Start with the basics! If you're a white t-shirt and jeans kind-of-gal then start there- every Picasso had a blank canvas at one point. 

Tip #3. Don't be afraid to play with texture. I realize wearing shorts in the fall may seem counter-season sensitive. However, its was 85 degrees in West Hollywood this weekend! So, every rule has some exceptions. But back to the point, we loved how these pin-stripped cut off shorts added the right amount of texture. 

Fall Outfit

Tip #4. Have fun! In this look I decide to wear my favorite Vans sneakers, however this outfit would work well with a pair of fringe ankle boots or even a low cut cow boot. 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette 

All photos courtesy Michelle Alexandra. All rights reserved, Legally Blonde and Brunette 2015.