Don't Fear the Fall

Fall Fashion

This past weekend we had to set our clocks back one hour and all risk arriving an hour early to brunch on Sunday morning. This shift in time also meant an official shift in seasons. If you're anything like me, change is something not to be taken lightly. To help this shift of season I've complied just a few reasons to not fear the Fall! 

Reason 1: The Poncho. Why you may ask why is this piece everything? Because, it LITERALLY is everything. For the times you get sick of wearing coats or sweaters this versatile piece will keep you warm and while adding variety to your wardrobe. It's also highly convenient that shops from Forever 21 to Bloomingdales will be carrying this piece, the one I'm wearing here is from good ol' Urban Outfitters. 

Reason 2: The Over-the-Knee flat boots. A few years ago Stuart Wiseman introduced us to the greatness that is the quintessential Over the Knee Boot. Since then, a new door has been opened to wear dresses and leggings in the winter. These boots are perfect with short skirts and long jackets and go great with bucket bags or a simple clutch for a night out. Featured  are flat leather boots by Chinese Laundry.

With the holidays rapidly approaching we hope this give you some inspiration to get out and dress out! 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette 


All photos courtesy Michelle Alexandra. All rights reserved, Legally Blonde and Brunette 2015.