Classic Red & Soft n' Sweet: Valentine's Day Looks

It's official.. February is upon us and your rent might be late by now. To make matters worse, the most emotionally taxing holiday of the year is looming in the not to distant future. That's right, it's Valentines Day season. Like any good frenemy relationship we've decided that instead of hating on the holiday this year we are going to embrace it! So sit back, take a deep breathe (or a sip of wine) and remember at the very least it's an excuse to re-wear all those red outfits left over from the Holidays or to start your spring pastel shopping early! 

Ashley's Outfit- Sometimes it all about the accessories. Take a simple dress and add a pop of color and TA-DA! completely new look. When it comes to color blocking we highly recommend utilizing the color wheel ( it's a fun way to tie in those skills you learnt in art class and to effortlessly look a little more like you live in Manhattan. Speaking of NYC we know there is nothing better than a city in the Spring time. So this February ditch the over priced wine night and instead grab some snacks to-go and blanket and hit the park for a picnic.It's about time you dusted off your favorite sun glass anyway and start on that base tan.

Shop the look: BCBG Dress, Tom Ford Sunglases, Shoes

Shop the look: BCBG DressTom Ford SunglasesShoes

Shelley's outfit- Reaching for spring with pink pastel flowy top and white lace skirt and accented with a light demin jacket. This outfit screams flirty and soft. Perfect for a day date with you boo, or V-day  drinks with your gals. Either way you'll be exuding a feminin touch. 

Chin up single girls, remember we live in Los Angeles and summer (or festival season) is about to happen any minute now so stay fresh and stay fabulous. We love you.  

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette