Coachella tickets went on sale last week and sold out within a few minutes. With music festials and EMD festivals becomeing more and more popular every year, I figure it's never a bad time to learn how to make an awesome, REAL, flower crown. Also, this is great for brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls!!  So here you go beauties! I promise this is actully really simple, anyone can do it - just takes a little time. Give yourself at least 1hr  to complete. 


rustic wire


clear elastic braiding bands or floral tape 

2  kinds of your favorite flowers and 1-2 filler flowers ( like Baby's breath or Heather


First you want to make your crown. Take your rustic wire and make a crown that fits your head. Cut, and twist to seal into a circle. 

Next you want to make your 'mini flower bouquets.' To do this take a few of each of your flowers and fillers and cut 3 inches down the stem, you then want to use your clear elastic braiding bands or floral tape to wrap the mini bouquet. 

Now its time to attach your first bouquet to your crown! You want to cut a few inches of twine and tie a knot around the base of the bouquet and your rustic wire crown.

After the knot is secure, cut the extra twine that is sticking out from the knot. You want to repeat the bouquet and attaching process until the entire front part of the crown is covered in flowers. 

There you have it! A beautiful fresh flower crown made to your liking. 

P.S. Don't forget to store in the fridge as the flowers will fade fast, since they are not in water! 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette