When In Doubt Wear A Dress

If there is one thing we have learned from the original style icon Audrey Hepburn, it is that sometimes all you need is a simple "well fitted dress". My friends, meet the Croatian sensation line coming directly to the US, S-Dress. 

Recently, I competed in the Miss Californian USA competition and lets remember this is a beauty pageant, so a lot of the emphasis is on how one presents themselves during the interview portion and through out the weekend. Feeling slightly over whelmed with wardrobe options and limited suitcase space I played that Audrey voice in the back of my head and reached for not one but two of my favorite staple pieces, "the well fitted dresses".

What makes these fitted cap sleeves dresses truly unique is not just the fabric (which literally feels like a second skin) but this style in particular with the wrap around ribbon can be worn in about 5 different ways. On top of this the S-Dress line is eco-friendly, does not wrinkle and wait for it... machine washable. So not only could I quickly and effortlessly pack these and change into these dress but they were versatile to be worn in multiple styles thought out the weekend.

So next time you are rushing off to a meeting, weekend get-a-way, or cocktail hour find that fitted dress, whistle some Moon River and remember as Turman Capaote from Breakfast at Tiffany's said, "You're wonderful. Unique. And we love you.” 

xoxo Legally Blonde and Brunette