Current Beauty Favorites

I think it takes a ton of trial and error for every girl to find her perfect skin care routine. I know I have been searching for mine since college. This year my skin has finally started looking healthy, hydrated, and NOT on the verge of yet another breakout, and i'm loving it! So I would like to share a few of my FAVORTIE beauty products!  

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette

1. Forever Youth LIiberator Cleansing Foam is a nourishing cleanser, it always leaves my face clear and makeup free.

2. Amore Pacific TIME RESPONSE Skin Renewal Creme this stuff is the crème de la crème of face moisturizers.  

3. ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment to be used once or twice a week, will give you a post scrub glow. 

4. Total Vitamin Antioxidant Face Serum is phenomenal, I uses it about 3 times a week in lieu of the R+F serum. 

5. Rodan+Fields Redefine Night Renewing Serum 3-4 times a week, skin is so soft and pores far less visible. 

6. EradiKate Acne Treatment is for that pesky pimple that pops up. On spot treatment at night to vanish it. 

7. Unblemish Oil Control Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 20 great for every day use in the am before makeup. 

8. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Primer is my all time favorite primer, your face will look literally pore less. 

9. IllumiKate CC Cream is the best tinted moisturizer with 50+ SPF, I completely stopped wearing foundation. 

10. ISUN - Peptide Eye Cream  is gentle and effective for keeping your under eye area firm & it's natural.

More tips..

Sleep on your back!

Drink tons of water, it's the best thing to keep you skin hydrated.

Use your fourth finger (the one next to your pinky) to gently pat on your eye cream. 

If you're using the on the spot treatment, EradiKate, dip a cutip into the bottom of bottle, then pul out and apply - DO NOT SHAKE BOTTLE. 

When applying serum, instead of rubbing it in, try gretly pressing into your face and decollete.

Don't over do it on exfoliating and products, this can cause a breakout. 

Resist the urge to pop, it will just make matters worse.