Drop it like a Squat

Shelley and I were recently told to do one thing a day that scares us. Well, we work full time and that scares us! It also takes up a lot of our time. So how does one stay in shape you ask? While half of it is a balance between eating right and staying active, it is also about finding time for yourself. Below are some simple exercises that have personally saved my sanity and made me not panic when bath suit season rolls around. You can do these in a gym, at your home, or even while traveling. All you need is fifteen minutes and a great playlist!

 Simple lunges. I also start with 10 lunges (that's 10 on each side, so a total of 20)  they get your  heart rate up and warm your body up.

After lunges hover down to a plank position and hold that for 30 seconds. Helpful hint: I like to count backwards whenever doing something timed, for some reason it always seems to go by faster. No, just me? 

Lastly, turn onto your back and using your core as balance hold this table top position for an additional 30 seconds.  

Try to repeat this circuit at least twice. If you can stick with this for 3-4 times per week then it's definitely time to reward yourself with some over priced yoga pants. 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette