The Classics

I am more than thrilled to be sharing this post with you guys! This pink vintage Chanel purse belonged to my mother, who was a complete style diva in her day, her collection including incredible pieces such as the famous "Guitar Dress" by Karl Lagerfeld. 

Her closet had an amazing plethora of beauty bursting from every drawer and and sparkling designer gowns dangling from every hanger. Some of my oldest memories are playing dress up in her room while she would get ready for work in the morning. This pink Chanel purse stands out so vividly in my memory. Although my mother is no longer with us, rediscovering this bag at my sisters house recently, brought back so many great memories. I am so excited to be using it in todays post and to be sharing it with all of you guys! I figured with such an elegant beautiful piece, I had to keep the clothing simple, sophisticated, and chic - que the white sundress. 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette (Shell)