Work Life Balance

work life balance

Finding balance in life can be more difficult than one would imagine. Between work, family, friends, faith, romance, health, bills, fitness, career goals, it can seem like at times that you are being pulled in a million different directions. Here are a few tips to help you succeed at creating a healthy balance in your life! 

1. YOU COME FIRST. You must always put your mental and physical health first. You can't accomplish any of your goals in your career or be there for the ones you love, if you are not first taking care of yourself. It is important to make the time to make sure your making your regular doctor appointments, finding some sort of exercise (good for your mental and physical health,) and nourishing your body with healthy nutrients. Also, if you have any unhealthy habits that are bad for you this may be a good opportunity to look at what those things are and make a plan of action to nip them in the bud. Your body is your temple and it's the only one you get, so you better take care of it. 

2. DON'T OVERCOMMIT. This is something I think many people in their 20's struggle with. Sometimes it is hard not to people please and say "no," but it is far better to say no to plans you know you don't want to commit to than to flake at the last minute, because no one likes a flake. In my early 20's I was constantly making plans and canceling them last minute, it always made me feel guilty and in my attempt to please many people, I instead pissed them off. Now I have a rule Mondays and Fridays I try to not make plans, I keep them as ME nights so I don't get too run down, the beginning and end of the week are days you are most likely to be more tired and want to bail on plans. 

3. SEPARATING WORK AND LIFE. Keep your work space and and sleep space separate. Don't drag your work papers/documents/computer into your bed; your bed should be a safe place for you and possibly your partner and sanctuary for your body to recoup and rest. Another good bit of advice I have learned is to keep your to do lists separate. What I mean by this is don't have a todo list that includes set up a meeting for 10am, followed by pick up toothpaste at CVS. It will distract you from work if you're looking at a list with personal errands and vice versa. Focus on what you need to do in the time you need to do it and not before. 

5. KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES. It is important to know what matters to you. What are your longterm goals in life? Are you pursuing a path to them? This will help you with important choices in your future. What do you want in 5 years? If you don't know, make the time to ask yourself and really think about it. Write down your longterm goals as a reminder to yourself to keep you going when times of doubt arise. Also, by writing down goals and priorities we give them power by putting them out into the universe, this is why vision boards rock! 

5. MAKE TIME FOR NEW THINGS. I love that quote "Life happens outside of your comfort zone." You should always try new things and do things that scare you. We can get too comfortable in our lives and stuck in routines. It is important to shake things up and taste the new flavors of life. It is also important to make time for joy in your life. You can't be all work and no play. It's important to plan vacations, nights out with friends, spa days, cooking class, afternoons reading in the park, a day without your phone, anything that brings you complete joy and happiness. 

6. DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. In your life there are going to be times of stress, but it is important not to get too worked up over the small things. Shit happens and that's life. Save your time and energy for the big stressors in life that will hit you out of nowhere, there is no use in worrying about them today because there is no way to predict when they are going to happen or what they are going to be. Try and take a breathe and move through smaller issues, so when the big things happen you can cope and deal with more ease. It is so important to find an outlet for stress, yoga, running, writing in a journal, meditation, chatting with friends, therapy, whatever works for you! 

7. FAMILY AND FRIENDS. We all have different relationships with our families. Sometimes they drive us crazy and sometimes they are the best thing ever. Family is the one constant thing in our lives. Through love, heartbreak, friends, jobs, times of joy, and times of tragedy, family is the one thing that will always be there. It is important to always make time for family members and to make an effort at your relationships, they will keep you sane through the curve balls life will throw. Friends are the family we choose. I always have considered my close girlfriends my sisters. When my mother passed away a few years ago, it was my girlfriends who kept me going, their constant support and love was the greatest gift I could have received. Even though I was a mess they still showed up, let me cry, talk, and always picked up the phone when I called. This is true friendship and these friends are like gold, and I will always treasure them. Your close group of friends are people whom most likely share the same values and interests as you and they are the people you do life with. You spend a great deal of your life with your close friends, it's important to make sure you have healthy friendships. Also a wise saying I have heard is "you get what you give." If you want meaningful friendships in your life you are going to have to be a great friend and put effort into your relationships. Some people play short but meaningful roles in our lives and others become our other half, whom you will share your most important moments with. 

8. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. Count your blessings not your fears .We all have times of self doubt, that maybe we aren't good enough, maybe we won't reach our goals, but this is not true and we are all are own worst critics. Instead remind yourself of small daily accomplishments and give yourself a break! Life is a marathon not a sprint. Try to enjoy the beauty of the ride and remember you're doing just fine. 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette (Shell)