Crazy for Cutouts

All year long that LBD (little black dress) has worked hard, soooo hard. And, just like we look forward to summer vacation it's also time to give it a break! So this summer we hope to inspire you to play around with some new colors. This pale yellow cut-out cocktail dress by Maria Bianca Nero is not only one of my favorite peek-a-boo cut's but it's also one of the most versatile dresses. Wearing a solid pale or pastel like this gives you the freedom to have fun with the accessories, like this hot pink cross body by Kate Spade! In additional to the subtle simplicity of this look I would also like to give a shout out to women everywhere who are rocking No-Makeup May and/or No Makeup Monday. Please note all of these photos were shot with no make up, as when all is said and done, remember inner beauty has no price. 

xox, Legally Blonde and Brunette 

All photos courtesy Jes Bickhart. All rights reserved, Legally Blonde and Brunette 2015.