Splash of Sophistication

Here at Legally Blonde and Brunette we will be the first to say we support the gypsy lifestyle. From the wardrobe, to the travels, we applaud these wanderers. However, every girl will learn there comes a moment in her life when even though she might not feel it, she still needs to look "grown up". So this is a post we wanted to dedicate to our fellow working women with a look titled "Splash of Sophistication". We hope this inspires your own look that can take you from a high-end horse race to an important day at the office. Just because you have to look professional doesn't mean color goes out the door, don't be afraid to splash some bold and bright colors in your work wardrobe. Enjoy beauties! 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette 

All photos courtesy Jes Bickhart All rights reserved, Legally Blonde and Brunette 2015.