How To Beat Your Hangover

Hide your hangover

Most of us 20-somethings have all been there. You've accidentally had one too many last night and you have woken up with a gnarly hangover and 45 minutes until you need to be at work!! Do not fear, you are not alone, and we have some tips to help you hide that hangover. 

1. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. First things first, alcohol dehydrates you so you need to replenish your body and your skin. You want to replenish your skin first thing, so you don't look tired or god forbid you try and rock last nights makeup. Wash your face with an energizing scrub, then do a 5 minute hydrating skin mask while you get dressed and brush your teeth. My go to hydrating mask is Glamglow Thirsty Mud. Next, you need to hydrate your body. One of the most hydrating things you can drink is coconut water. So head to the nearest connivance store and guzzle as much as you can. Also, a drop of liquid vitamin b12 (available at any health store) under your tongue for 30 seconds in the morning is a great natural way to give yourself a much needed boost of energy, and will instantly make you feel better. 

2. Conceal. Dark circles and puffy eyes are a dead giveaway for a late night out. Use a concealer under your eyes and try a nude colored eyeliner on the inner rim of your eyes. This will make your eyes pop and look a bit less tired. Make sure to stay away from dark eyeshadows around your eyes, you want them to look bright and awake. 

3. Dress better than you feel. One of the best pieces of advise I have heard is to dress better than you feel. If your hungover, tired, and feeling like crap then it is especially important to dress for success and give yourself that little boost of confidence you need to make it through the work day. A killer outfit will make you feel one step closer to feeling like your normal self. 

4. Sweat it out. If you are not in a race against the clock and you have the extra time in the morning, then get your butt out of bed and hit the pavement. Go on a run, bike ride, or do any type of cardio that will help you sweat out the alcohol. It will be the last thing you want to do, but it will 100% make you feel better after. 

5. But First Coffee. While Coffee is dehydrating, as long as you have rehydrated with water or coconut water, then the added kick of caffeine will help you get the boost you need for your day. Actually, you may want to go ahead and get an extra shot of espresso! Also grab some kind of carb at the coffee shop to help soak up the alcohol. 

Now get out there and go kick some major ass!! You got this!! :) 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette