The Beauty of Always Accessorizing!

With the new year ahead we wanted to give you a run down of some accessories we are LOVING this January. If you didn't receive a pair of over-the-knee boot socks in your stocking this year consider yourself the anomaly. They were the rage this season, and we have a funny feeling this trend will easily be carried into spring. We approve. We also love how easily they spice up any simple outfit. Here I am even sporting a pair at the Miss California USA rehearsal just last month.

Legally Blonde and Brunette

Late night parties making those early mornings at work a little tough? Not to worry, we have just the hat for you! Felt fedoras are a great fashion staple. They can take you from day to night, and are our secret to even over coming a bad hair day. 

Legally Blonde and Brunette

We get it, post holiday depression is real. So whats not to love about a big knit sweater to crawl into? Seeing as we live in California we opted for a fun sleeveless version here.

Legally Blonde and Brunette

So don't fret those January blues, smile because of the little things! Like accessories. 

Happy New Year! 

XOXO, Legally Blonde and Brunette