Back to the Basics - Beauty Edition

Maybe it’s NOT Maybelline. Maybe you were just born with it.
-A fabulous woman

After being inspired by my girl crush Alicia Keys to get back to the basics I decided it was time to cut the concealer and shoot with the bare-minimum. Luckily, my friend Bradly Wittke loves shooting in the outdoors as much as I do. So, we took advantage of a sunny Silicon Valley afternoon and shoot some fall looks. While we kept this look simple it was to allows some of my favorite beauty products to shine! And on that note, I hope you enjoy a quick hit-list of my top three beauty favs! 

#1.  Boots #7 Protect and Perfect Serum- Now, If you haven't already heard about the latest UK craze allow me to introduce to Boots #7 Protect and Perfect Serum.  It's pretty much my current skin obsession and for less then $30.00 at your local Target you don't have to travel overseas to snag this secret. Apply this morning and evening and within three weeks you'll notice fine lines smoothing and fuller skin. It's pretty much an instant dream-in-a-bottle!

#2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer- This is my current go-to. I'll wear this product for over 12 hours. In fact- after a few too many champagnes I've even slept in it. It keeps my giddy so I had to share the joy!

#3. 100% Pure Organic Mint Lip Balm- The best $7 you will spend on your lips this year! 100% Pure products are amazing because they are a completely additive free and vegan line. Not to mention that at this price point there is no excuse to ditch the generic brand.

Product Shots

Playing with make-up is like playing dress up, and we love that! However (and please pardon the cheesy advice about to come your way) you are naturally beautiful when you are naturally yourself! So don't be afraid to explore the "less is more" motto! Xoxo

Legally Blonde and Brunette


Photos by Bradly Wittke-