Easy Breezy Summertime Kinda Feelin

Summer Fashion

Hallelujah, it's May and could it come any sooner?! The days are longer and our sleeves are shorter. So, to kick off the summer posts we decided to hit you with a little rhyme about some of our favorite styles.

Now, do yourself a favor and buy some pastels, You'll feel like a princess even if not in Seychelles. 

summer fashion

This summer find a lovin you know will last, In my opinion a fringe- slip dress has the most class. 

fringe dress

Hit the beach with your friends and get lots of sun, With an off the shoulder crop top you'll be certain to stun. 

Beach style

When the moon comes up it'll be time to hit the town, Calvin Klein has the block heal that won't let you down. 

ashley reinke

These are some favorites for the team at Legally B & B, So this summer you can shine even brighter then Kate Middleton at high tea! 

xoxo, Legally Blonde and Brunette